What should I pack in my hospital maternity bag?

The big day is getting closer and the more organised among us will want to have their hospital bag packed by around 35 weeks. We suggest packing two bags - one for you and one for the baby so you can find all the things you need more easily, but what to put in them? Cast your eyes over this list and check you haven't missed any essentials...

  • A few cartons of apple juice will come in for a quick energy boost and rehydration during labour. Camomile tea bags with a mini pot of honey will be calming and refreshing if you prefer a hot drink. Sports top water bottles are useful and a couple of cereal bars are good to have to hand.
  • Did you know it’s common to have freezing cold feet in labour? Stash some cashmere bedsocks in your bag to keep your toes cosy.
  • You might end up having to catch a few hours sleep here and there whenever you can so an eye mask to block out daylight might just be the difference between being sleep deprived and extremely sleep deprived.
  • Long hair? You’ll need a hair tie
  • Water spray to spritz on your face in labour. We like the Evian facial spray mist.
  • Shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Maternity pads (longer and more absorbent than sanitary pads). We also recommend a pair of secret protection knickers for after the birth. With an extra wide and waterproof gusset even the largest of pads is kept in place and leaks (from post natal blood loss or urine from a weak pelvic floor) can be absorbed by these clever pants. 
  • Hospitals can be really drying so a lip balm with good staying power is a great idea
  • Don’t forget a camera and your mobile with all your contacts saved
  • Lansinoh nipple cream - you’ll be really thankful you packed this one and it doubles up as a lip balm
  • During labour you will want to wear something super comfortable and with easy access for medical examinations and breastfeeding. The Mirage Labour Wrap Dress was designed with these features in mind and looks good in navy, black, grey or pink.
  • A copy of your birth plan and any medical notes
  • A nursing bra or two and breast pads. We found bamboo breast pads to be the softest and most absorbent 
  • Sleepwear – we suggest a gorgeous dressing gown and pyjamas or nightie from our Radiance range ... well we would, wouldn’t we! They have easy breastfeeding access and are soft, comfortable, non sweaty and we even made them rather glam. Afterall, those first new mummy with baby photos might be around for quite a few years to come.


And in the 'baby' bag...

  • Nappies – newborn sized of course. Even if you plan on using re-usables it's much easier to use disposables at least until you get home from hospital,
  • A cute baby blanket – merino wool blankets aren't the cheapest but they are super soft, naturally anti-bacterial and excellent for regulating body temperature. 
  • A few cute vests and sleepsuits
  • Muslin squares - useful for many things from wiping up all sorts to using as a swaddle
  • Hat and socks or booties

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