Pregnancy & New Mum Teas


Nipper & Co Herbal Infusion Teas. Fully biodegradable pyramids & vegan friendly. Choose from:

Happy Bumps (during pregnancy)

This gentle herbal infusion of raspberry leaf, ginger, rose petals and mint make up this delicious caffeine-free blend for pregnancy. Box contains 16 x pyramids.

Ingredients: Peppermint (25%), Spearmint (25%), Ginger, Raspberry Leaf (13%), Rose petals.


Mum's Milk (Breastfeeding stage)

This organic breastfeeding tea is a powerful blend of aniseed, fennel and fenugreek. Helps to encourage milk to flow and regulate hormonal production. 

Ingredients: Aniseed (25%), Fennel (25%), Fenugreek (25%), Caraway, Goat's Rue,


Sip n Snore (pre and post pregnancy)

Soothing herbal infusion of linden blossom, valerian and lavender to promote a gentle drifting off to sleep. Beautiful in its bright yellow colour and with sweet chamomile taste with gentle herbal undertones.

Ingredients: Chamomile, Linden Blossom (18%), Elderflower, Valerian Root (6%), Lavender (4%), Calendula Petals


Wake Up Brew (for energy & immunity)

Black tea blend to add an extra kick to an everyday cuppa. Naturally rich Indian Assam & Sri Lankan black tea with Yerba Mate for energy and Siberian Ginseng for immunity. Enjoy with or without milk.

Ingredients: Indian Assam Black Tea (70%), Sri Lankan Black Tea (20%), Yerba Mate (8%), Siberian Ginseng (2%)

Yerba Mate helps with mental and physical fatigue while Siberian Ginseng boosts the immune system. 

Nipper & Co are proud to blend by hand these organic herbal infusions in the UK with no nasties, no pesticides and biodegradable packaging.

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