How the Milkscarf works



Wear the Milkscarf around your neck as a scarf and when you want to use it as a breastfeeding cover simply place the neck strap through the loop and thread through the hole to secure. It's that easy! There's no messing around, adjusting straps or even getting it out of your bag - just complete privacy for discreet feeding in seconds.

The Milkscarf has flexible boning along the centre of one edge which allows you and your baby to continue that all important eye contact during breastfeeding. The design allows air to circulate and the soft, light jersey prevents your baby getting too stuffy or overheated.

The neck strap is a discreet, narrow length of fabric made from the same material as the scarf which is attached to the edge of the boning. When you fasten this strap around your neck the boning holds the fabric slightly away from your upper chest/neck area so you can see your baby feeding, but no-one else can (as in the picture below).


There's no need to restrict yourself to wearing special breastfeeding tops - the Milkscarf is much larger than most other breastfeeding covers so you can wear almost whatever top you like without worrying about exposing your post-baby tummy to the world.

The Milkscarf is particularly useful to take with you when travelling- it's so discreet even the person sitting next to you on the plane won't see a thing when you're feeding. Wearing it in breastfeeding cover mode even when not feeding is an easy way to block out distractions and get your baby settled. It's also a handy extra blanket* and you don't even have to take up precious hand luggage space - just sling it round your neck or if it's too warm - tie it round the handles of your bag.

* Do not leave your little one unattended with this item or drape over a car seat or pram / stroller with the Milkscarf due to risk of suffocation. Keep away from fire.