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We regularly see customers return and buy more which we take as a huge compliment. Purchasing MamaMoosh, you're in good company and we've now had quite a few celebrities (from TV presenters, newsreaders, pop stars and actresses) wear our nightwear and Milkscarves which we're very excited about.

The Milkscarf has recently won a GOLD Best Baby and Toddler Gear award by Mumii magazine which we are very proud of. See the glowing reviews from the panel here. Not only that but earlier this year the Milkscarf won a Bizziebaby award after being reviewed by fully independent testers who loved it and our nightwear was deemed 'the best find so far this year' by Baby Buzz Magazine

Below are some recent comments we've had from our customers and see where we have been mentioned in the media here including UK Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour and Prima Baby & Pregnancy.

You can now see reviews on our product page where our customers have scored the item out of five stars and left a review. Scroll down to the bottom of each product page to see the reviews in detail.



"Fab for breastfeeding and being able to see your baby. Lots of my mummy friends have gone on to buy one." Cassie, Cheshire

"As a first time mum, I struggled with the thought of breastfeeding in public. However purchased this and it has changed my life. I no longer find myself feeding my baby in the back of my car, or faffing around with muslin cloths trying to desperately retain some dignity.
Being a neutral colour unlike most nursing covers is fantastic, as it helps you blend into the background and draw less attention to yourself.
With the stiff neckline I can easily see my baby in order to ensure a good latch, and also give her air. Overall a must have for any breastfeeding mums!" Mrs W

"Brilliant product - having bought two other covers, wish I hadn't bothered and just bought this. Big enough to cover a wriggling baby through the windiest of conditions! Cool for the summer, doesn't draw attention to yourself, comfy, you really can see your baby without having to bury your head under the cover - all excellent!!" Abigail, Surrey

"I have spent a lot of money on different breastfeeding scarves, but this is by far the best. Easy to use, good coverage, still can see baby and lightweight (which is brilliant as others have made me all hot and bothered). Would highly recommend to anyone."

"Would highly recommend as really useful for those situations where you don't feel comfortable feeding in public without covering up or want to minimise distraction for baby. Large enough to cover baby comfortably and heavy enough not to move if exposed to wind without being too hot."  Elizabeth, London

"Good quality material and brilliant for discrete public feeding whilst still being able to see my baby and make eye contact." Katie

"I've been using my Milkscarf for a couple of months now and it makes feeding in public much easier than trying to cover up using a muslin. The quality is really good and I love the softness of the material.' Alice, W Sussex

"This is brilliant! I've just had twins and whilst I didn't need a cover to feed my first child discreetly with twins it's a bit trickier. This scarf meant I could feed in public and no one knew there were two! The scarf is really high quality jersey and plenty big enough. I can't recommend it enough. Really prompt delivery meant it came within a few days and was sent out Royal Mail signed for" Hannah

"This is even better than I thought it was going to be. It's a good size and looks like it will be easily big enough for when my son gets a bigger too. The neckline is great because I can look down and watch him but it doesn't stick out too much that I would be worried about a passer-by seeing anything." Rachel, Henley

''Your customer service is very good." Ann, Surrey

"I saw a lady using one of your Milkscarves at a toddler group and I had to ask her where she got it from. I think it's a fantastic product and so easy to use. I had one before that I had to tie behind my head and take off and put back on everytime I changed sides to feed which was very impractical. This is much easier and I prefer the feel of the jersey. I'll be ordering another one for my friend's baby shower present next month." Helen, Bristol

"Very soft and it looks exactly as in the photo. Bought the cream colour and it is thick enough, you can't see anything through." Cristina, Surrey

"Thanks so much for getting the order out so quickly! I bought it [Milkscarf] as a gift for my friend and she's used it loads already." Anna, Hants

"I don't know what I would do without my milkscarf now- it's really helped me breastfeed confidently in public. I love the way it's so easy and quick to get it in position when my daughter is being loudly demanding! Usually our changing bag is so stuffed full it would be a squeeze to get a nursing cover in too so the fact I can wear it is great. If it's a bit warm then I tie it on the handles on my handbag. I have been raving about it to all my friends." Shannon, Croydon

"Just wanted to let you know I received the scarf and am really happy with it." Claire, Kent

"I chose this scarf because it's much more discreet than the breastfeeding apron I bought originally and I'm very pleased with it. It's really soft and quite light so my son doesn't get too stuffy under it." Cat, Chester

'This scarf is indeed very practical and useful, and the fabric is very soft I am happy with the purchase.'BG

"I received the scarf last week and it's just what I needed. I wish I had it for my first baby." Victoria, Hampshire

"I love my navy Milkscarf so much I've just placed an order in pink too. They are great to just pop round your neck when you're getting out the door." Sophie, Middlesex

"I will be recommending it to my friends." Fatima, Devon


"My husband surprised me in hospital with the gorgeous pyjamas and dressing gown set and my daughter had some of her first breastfeeds while I was wearing the pyjamas. I felt like the most glam new mum on the ward!" Bella, London

"The nightie was delivered yesterday and I love it! Thanks so much for shipping it quickly!" Sarah, Brighton

"Really appreciate that you were able to respond to my special request. They [camisole pyjamas] are really flattering and I love the hidden support." Jess, Harrogate

" The pyjamas are really lovely. I was worried they might not feel nice around my bump as I hate any sort of pressure around it but they are by far the most comfy bottoms I've worn yet in my pregnancy to the extent I sometimes just wear them lounging round the house. The material isn't too heavy and feels really soft. It's washed well too." Sarah, London

" Lovely stuff. I'd been looking for something pretty to wear after the birth for ages." Heather, Surrey

"The pyjamas fit perfectly and they feel so comfortable. I've just put an order in for the nightdress and gown too!" Sally, Peterborough

" I put these [Radiance dressing gown and nightdress] in my hospital bag and they were so comfortable to wear after the birth and great for breastfeeding. Just what I was looking for." Dani, London

"These pyjamas [Radiance Camisole Pyjamas] really are gorgeous. The fabric is so soft and light and just incredibly comfortable. The lace trim is really pretty. I've had quite itchy skin during my pregnancy and these have really solved that. I think they'll be perfect when my baby arrives for generally hanging around and feeding, especially at night. I also bought the dressing gown which is equally stunning. Even my husband loves this set and I never expected him to love PJs! I've had to be really budget conscious during this pregnancy but this is one thing I treated myself to and I'm so glad I did, I'm thrilled with them." Victoria

"It [Indulgence Nightdress] was delivered so fast. The material is lovely and soft. A silky feel without being clamy. I've finally found a nursing nightdress with a bit of glamour." Rebecca

"After searching for a maternity nightie [Radiance Nightdress] that's not the usual frumpy kind I found this company. Gorgeous material, really comfy and a great fit, all while still feeling as glamorous as you can during pregnancy. Thank you!" Joanna

"My mum- in -law bought me the nighties [Radiance Nightdress] in grey and mink. Lovely fit and luxurious feel. I've enjoyed both nighties throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding stages. They are very flattering and also perfectly suitable to wear as a 'normal' nightie. I look forward to each night and plan to buy the robe to mix and match. Very practical for travelling as they crease very little and are very easy to wash." Tereza