Perineal Massage Oil - 'Down Below'

Down Below' massage oil by the Natural Birthing Company can be used for:

  • perineal massage - to reduce the risk of cuts and tears during labour as recommended by health professionals
  • reducing stretch marks - by gently rubbing on the bump, this oil conditions and moisturises the skin
  • perfect for sensitive skin & scar tissue
  • helps to soothe irritated, itchy skin

'Down Below' Perineal Massage oil can be used to increase suppleness & elasticity in the perineal area by massaging the region from 34 weeks of pregnancy to reduce the risk of cuts and tears in labour. Great for conditioning and moisturising skin, it can also be used on your bump and helps to prevent stretch marks. 

Developed by midwives at the Natural Birthing Company, 'Down Below' is made only from natural plant oils and free of nasties such as parabens, SLS and mineral oils. It's fragrance and allergen free so can be used on sensitive skin and leaves no wet / tacky after effect on the skin.

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